YOYOCam 3G Indoor

3G alarm and surveillance camera

YOYOCam 3G Indoor is an easy to install indoor camera with built-in GSM/3G communication and motion detection sensor that alerts by SMS and sends high resolution images directly to your mobile. It allows you to quickly and in detail see what happens in the place you want to monitor.

Mobile phone and YOYOCam 3G Indoor

In the boat …

Storage room

storage room



Country house

country house








… and at home

See directly what’s going on – in high resolution

The house, garage, summer house, storage room, caravan, boat ... With YOYOCam 3G Indoor, you can easily and quickly receive alerts and high resolution images from inside the places you want to monitor or protect. YOYOCam 3G Indoor is an easily installed alarm and surveillance solution for indoor use. It’s remotely controlled from your mobile phone.

It's also a very smart and cost efficient solution for shops, warehouses, storages or construction sites, or any other remote location. YOYOCam 3G Indoor is especially useful wherever fixed internet isn’t available, or when traditional alarm systems are too complex or expensive to install.

Better coverage and more reliable operation

YOYOCam 3G Indoor has built-in 3G and GSM communication which gives better coverage and faster communication. The camera alerts with an SMS text message when the power fails, and it also has battery backup that ensures a safe and uninterrupted operation.

High resolution images

The camera in YOYOCam 3G Indoor provides images with resolution up to 1 megapixel, rich colors and sharpness.

Built-in sensor for motion detection and night vision

YOYOCam 3G Indoor has a built-in infrared motion detector which directly detects movements, even in the dark. It will alert you within seconds to your mobile via SMS, then send the high resolution images as MMS or via e-mail. In darkness the camera's white LED lights will lit automatically for better night vision and color.

View in mobile phone

Easy to install and use

YOYOCam 3G Indoor installs easily in a matter of minutes. All you need is a SIM card and electricity. Now you can set-up and remotely control the alarm via SMS or via a user-friendly app for iPhone and Android. You can easily configure extra features such as scheduled activation and deactivation of alarms, intervals for capturing images, number of images sent, image resolution, etc.

Mounted cameras

Mounted on the wall or standing with the built-in foot, e.g. in a bookshelf.

Smartphone app

A user-friendly app for iPhone and Android is available for easy handling and configurations.

Can be used by the whole family

The camera can be controlled and used by different persons. In addition to the administrator ("Master"), up to four other people ("User"), for example family or colleagues, can use the camera. Users have limited access to functionality and will for example be able to activate/deactivate the alarm function, request and receive images via MMS and email, check temperature etc.

Reduced costs

Apart from electricity, YOYOCam Indoor 3G needs no wiring, alarm subscription, or connection to a server or any Internet-based systems. Installation and operational costs are minimal. Charges for SIM card and GSM/3G traffic charges are additional.

Built-in temperature sensor

YOYOCam Indoor 3G also works as a temperature monitor. A built-in temperature sensor controls the temperature and alerts via SMS text message if it deviates from a preset temperature range.

Ensures good 3G communication

YOYOCam 3G indoor has an external directable GSM/3G antenna. In case of a poor 3G/GSM coverage, an external antenna with higher sensitivity can be connected to ensure good communication.

12V adapter with cigarette lighter plug

An accessory adapter is available for connecting the camera to a 12V system via a cigarette lighter socket. This makes it easy to connect YOYOCam 3G Indoor e.g. in a caravan or boat, or even to a 12V battery when 230V power supply is missing.


For information on where to buy YOYOCam please contact us at sales@yoyomotion.com.

Advantages compared to other surveillance systems

  • Easy and affordable installation. All you need is a SIM card and electricity.
  • Quick configuration. Via SMS or app for iPhone or Android.
  • Wireless operation. Wherever there is 3G or GSM coverage and 230V or 12V power.
  • Built-in infrared motion sensor. Detects motions also in darkness.
  • Alerts directly to your mobile. Within seconds SMS text messages and images are sent to the owner.
  • High resolution images. YOYOCam sends high resolution images, in detail showing what happens.
  • Works even in darkness. The camera has white LED lights for better night vision.
  • Low costs. Both the installation and operational costs can be minimized.
  • Reliable. Built-in backup battery provides safe and trouble-free operation that ensures the camera and alarm functions even at a power failure.
YOYOCam 3G Indoor

Camera features

Camera features

Technical specifications

Technical specifications


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