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YOYOCam G3 is a surveillance camera that is easily installed and remotely controlled as it has built-in GSM communication. SMS alerts are immediately sent if the built-in sensors detect movements and images are sent via MMS directly to the owner’s mobile phone and/or email account. A built-in sensor monitors the surrounding temperature and notifies deviations from a preset range via SMS.

How it works

Surveillance and alarm day and night

Built-in motion and infrared sensors detect movements, from e.g. an intruder. You are immediately notified by an SMS, followed by an MMS with a series of still images. IR-lights give the camera night-vision, and a back-up battery ensures an uninterrupted operation.

Monitor the temperature

YOYOCam G3 also has a built-in temperature sensor that allows you to monitor the temperature at the location of the camera. The camera will alert by SMS if the temperature deviates from a pre-set range.

Ready to use in a matter of minutes

YOYOCam is very easy to install and configure. Once mounted, it is set-up just by sending a couple of simple SMS commands.

Control the camera remotely from your mobile phone

YOYOCam is easily managed using SMS commands from your mobile or by using the included Remote Controls.

Good GSM communication ensured

The YOYOCam G3 has an external antenna with a standard connector. With YOYOCam G3 an external accessory antenna with higher sensitivity or cable easily can be connected if the GSM coverage is poor.

Images in your smartphone

Call up and listen

By calling from a regular phone, YOYOCam can through its built-in microphone let you listen to what is going on around it.

Work with external wireless sensors

Apart from the built-in sensors, up to 15 wireless sensors transmitting on 433 MHz can be connected. For example smoke, temperature, humidity or magnet sensors.

Monitor and protect your belongings or assets

Supervise your home, summerhouse, garage boat or any other place where you want to keep an eye on your belongings. Also a cost efficient solution in shops, storages, warehouses, construction sites, or any remote places where wired IP infrastructure is unavailable, or where IP based security systems are too complicated or expensive to install.

YOYOCam GSM Indoor
Surveillance both day and night

Advantages over traditional IP based video security systems

  • Easy installation – Just insert a SIM card, connect to a power outlet and configure by SMS
  • No geographic or infrastructure limitations – YOYOCam operates wirelessly in any place with GSM coverage and 220V or 12V power is available
  • Fully automatic – In the event of an intruder or accident, YOYOCam will automatically notify the owner
  • Real-time and instant – No matter where the owner is, he or she will be notified within a few seconds over an SMS to the mobile phone
  • Surveillance and monitoring – Not only can it detect and send alarms, the owner can at any time through a simple SMS command monitor status at the camera location
  • Versatile – Just use the YOYOCam for motion detection and alarms, or expand system with other sensors as needed
  • Low cost – Simple connection, and no need for any wired infrastructure or back-end systems, reduce cost for both installation and use

Camera functions

Camera functions




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