About YOYOCare


Safety Mobile and Personal Locator with built-in GPS

Mini-mobile with alarm, quick-dial buttons and map positioning designed for small children, elderly and lone workers.


A unique product providing comfort and convenience to parents, relatives and lone workers

  • YOYOCare is a small and simplified mobile phone that combines GSM functionality with the latest GPS technology. It allows you to immediately, and independently of where you are, easily make contact with for example a small child or an elderly relative.
  • YOYOCare also determines the user's position by GPS, in a format supporting Google Maps, and send it by SMS to your mobile phone.
  • YOYOCare also increase the security for single workers, making it easy for relatives or fellow workers to reach or locate their partner. Or for the sole worker to ask for assistance in the event of an unexpeced accident.

SMS commands

Send SMS commands to YOYOCare.

Receive position

Receive position of YOYOCare.

Send alerts and position

Send alerts and position from YOYOCare.

See position with Google Maps

See position with Google Maps.

Safety for you. And for your loved ones

You can always call the YOYOCare and talk directly through the internal speaker. The call is connected automatically, without any need for the user to pick-up the call. With the help of the four large buttons the user can send an alert SMS with map position, or call directly to three pre-defined phone numbers.

Small, easy … and smart!

YOYOCare can be carried by, for example, young children, elderly relatives or pets. Or other s who can not or will not use a traditional mobile phone. It is small as a matchbox and weighs just 70 grams. If the user moves outside a specified area or zone, you will be directly alerted with a text message and information containing the user’s position and direction of movement.

Your loved ones
Easy to bring

Easy to get started

All you need to use your YOYOCare is an activated GSM subscription and SIM card. YOYOCare is easily configured and managed via SMS commands. All functions require GSM network coverage.

Specifications YOYOCare P3

Safe/Park zones
External memory
Standby time
Power supply
Supported SIM
Size, weight
Operating temperature
Kit content

GSM, GPRS Class 10, 900/1800/1900 Mhz
receive SMS commands, send SMS position
GPS, server assisted GPS, supports Google Maps
200m radius, programmable
built-in handsfree (speaker & microphone)
3 LED (Power, GSM, GPS)
Built-in 1.3 megapixels, send MMS photos
microSD™ slot, up to 2GB
up to 50 hrs (with GPS fix every 5 min)
1050 mAh Li-ion, rechargeable and replaceable
mini USB 5VDC, 0.7A, 110-240VAC
standard SIM
69x48x18mm, 70gr
-20°C to 55°C
YOYOCare, battery, power supply and pouch


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