Controls power and temperature remotely via GSM

YOYOPower GSM is a simple to use but powerful system to remotely control the power of electrical appliances and power outlets in the home via SMS or an app on your mobile. An easy-to-install solution for places that don't have Wi-Fi or internet.

YOYOPower GSM is connected via the GSM network and easily controlled with a mobile app. The system also works as an alarm in case of power failure or temperature deviations. Switching power on or off can be controlled by a schedule or with a thermostat function.

Different models for different needs

YOYOPower GSM is available in two different versions:

YOYOPower GSM Control that can be expanded with up to four wireless slave units. The slave unit has the same features as the main unit, and with connected slave units up to five different power outlets can be individually controlled with only one SIM card.

YOYOPower GSM Switch is not able to connect slave units and is an alternative at a lower price for those who only need to remotely control one electrical wall outlet or electrical appliance. For example, a lamp, electric radiator, air conditioner or car heater.

YOYOPower GSM Control

Användning YOYOPower GSM Control

Built-in temperature sensor

Both models as well as the slave units have individual temperature sensors. This allows you to monitor the temperature, thermostatically control electrical appliances and get alarms for temperature deviations from each device.

Easy remote control via your mobile phone

Temperature settings and automatic power switching on schedule or temperature is easily done via SMS or an app on your mobile phone.

Warning on power outage

YOYOPower alerts you to your mobile in the event of a power outage and also reports when power recovers.

Thermostat control

The power can be switched on or off automatically if the temperature falls below or exceeds a preset interval.

Scheduled power control

Each device can also be controlled automatically with a time schedule.

YOYOPower GSM Control app

Automatic delay

Du kan även få automatisk fördröjning av till- och frånslagning av strömmen med valfri tid.
You can also automatically delay the power on and off with an optional time.

Easy to install

The system is installed quickly in just a few minutes. All that is required is a SIM card to the YOYOPower GSM Switch and YOYOPower GSM Control main unit.

Powerful switch

Appliances with a power consumption of up to 16A or 3600W can be connected to YOYOPower GSM, all models including the slave unit.

YOYOPower GSM is perfect for:

  • Remotely control radiators, air conditioners, water heaters, pumps and electrical appliances, even in places where the internet is missing. For example, at home, in the vacation home, in the garage or in the boat.
  • Warm up or cool down the vacation home or start the fridge, water heater etc. before arrival.
  • Thermostat control switching on or off of electric radiators, air conditioners, fans or other electrical appliances in, for example, the vacation home.
  • Styra belysning i hemmet när man inte är hemma, t ex under semestern.
  • Get temperature alarms, check the temperature in the room, or get a warning if a power failure.
YOYOPower GSM Control vinklar

Technical specifications

YOYOPower GSM Control specifikationer


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